Answer The Bell

by Carey J. Buss

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This is Carey's second self-produced EP, and he was very glad and fortunate to get to team up with so many talented individuals on it. Answer The Bell features five of CJB's best new tunes, and has something for everyone; Last Pallet has more of a dusty, country-bluegrass feel, while Not a Movie, Just a Metaphor brings out some quickly shuffling folk music. Meanwhile, the title track is soaked in vocals, with a choir to boot, while Pilot Mound Fir Tree features some family-influenced heart-wrenching storytelling. The EP showcases many different sides of Carey's abilities as a songwriter, guitarist, and singer, and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making it!


released April 16, 2015

All songs written by Carey J. Buss
Arrangements done by Carey J. Buss, Chloé Carpenter, Micah Erenberg, and Danny Zimmerman.

Guitars and Vocals on all tracks by Carey J. Buss

Choir part on track 1 arranged and directed by Ian W.M. Campbell
The Answer The Bell Choir:
Sopranos: Heather Werboweski, Sam Duerksen, Zoe Cressman, Ashlea Moss, Andrée Labossière
Altos: Kim Scherger, Annick Lesage, Lauren Rosenberg, Chloé Carpenter
Tenors: Doug Buss, Karsten Roche, Ryan Lampertz, Micah Erenberg, Logan Picton
Basses: Ian W.M. Campbell, Carey J. Buss, Ben Bender, Wes Ammeter

All songs mastered by Allen Hunnie
Tracks 1, 2, and 5 mixed by Neil Cameron at Private Ear Studios.
Tracks 3 and 4 recorded and mixed by Danny Zimmerman at Danny Z studios.
Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church.

- Fiddle on tracks 1, 2, and 3: Logan Picton
- Backing vocals on tracks 1 and 3, Chloé Carpenter and Logan Picton
- Bass on track 2: Natalie Bohrn
- Drums on track 2: Ryan Voth
- Banjo on track 5: Ben Hadaller
- Bell on track 1: Diana Schreibmaier

Special thanks to…
Luther Village Camp, the MNO Synod, the Holm family for constant food and support, Ashton Buss for his hours of video work + brotherly love, Cam Holm for being the best friend a man could have, Alannah Zeebeck, Meg Crane, Brittany Holm, Jodi Thorsteinsson, Aisha Belle, Sara Tereck, Stacey Speers, Mona Mousa, Everett King, Geneviève Manahan, Tabitha Gamble, John Scoles, Kaki King, Stuart Sladden, Larry Ulrich, Kim Scherger, Rebecca Toderian, Danny Zimmerman, Micah Erenberg, Neil Cameron, Daniel Jordan, Ryan Voth, Natalie Bohrn, Emma Gehrs-Whyte, all the folks at Manitoba Music, Grandmas & Grandpas Zimmerman & Buss, Mum & Dad, and my harshest critic and favorite sister, Paige. You’ve all helped in more ways than I can quantify, and have taught me a lot. So thank you! And please enjoy this record. Responsibly.

- C.J.B.




Carey J. Buss Winnipeg, Manitoba

Guitarist and Singer from Winnipeg, influenced greatly by Fleet Foxes, Kim Churchill, and Kaki King.

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Track Name: Answer The Bell
Will you answer the bell?
Rising up from where you fell?
Will you lend your hand when you're called upon?
Will you discard your selfish pride?
For there ain't nowhere to hide.
Will you learn to treat all as your kin?

Ohh, ohh, will you?
Be the one that I look to?

Will you pull up the weeds?
And start planting your seeds?
Help the garden to grow good and strong?
And as you come to the lake,
Will you do what it takes?
To keep it clean and safe from harm?

Ohh, ohh, will you?
Be the one that I look to?

Yes I’ll answer the bell!
I’ll rise up from where I fell.
I will lend my hand when I’m called upon.
I will discard my selfish pride, for there ain’t nowhere to hide,
And I will learn to treat all as my kin,
Oh I…. will.
Track Name: Not A Movie, Just A Metaphor
In the soft shade of the white pines,
we dragged a rock on down that slope.
The ground grabbed at its sides,
its course changing to and fro.
When it finally landed, it was far from where we had planned.
Those rocky jagged edges just couldn’t roll on the sand.
As I watched that rock and how it tumbled away from the plan,
it reminded me of the path to where I am.

I let hurt and hate consume me,
as the ground began to freeze.
I was caught in the vicious cycle,
stricken with the sadness disease.
Oh but time has a way of healing all our biggest wounds,
Even if you spend two months, just sitting in your room
I went out and faced those fears, yeah I looked them right in the eyes,
and unfroze the freedom of my mind.

Well I thought I’d crossed that finish line.
I thought I’d rounded the final bend.
Oh, I’d hoped that this time,
we had made it to the end.
Oh but life just keeps on going, right til the day that you die.
It ain’t like in the movies, that big screen is a lie.
So when you’re feeling as though your journey’s almost done,
your next one has already begun.
Track Name: Pilot Mound Fir Tree
(Chorus) Oh my sister, she was born dead, we buried her that day.
Planted a young fir tree in the ground where she lay.
As the years go by, I remember that tree now.
Rooted in the farmyard down the creek from the mound.

Well I was just a young boy growing fast on the farm,
swimming in the creek and never doing no harm.
Loved my two sisters, ma said a third was on the way.
But when it came time, the babe had already passed away.


Now I am a father with two daughters and a son.
Thought I am a busy man, I’ll not forget where I am from.
Can’t imagine losing what my parents did back then.
But I know now that fir tree has my sister’s soul within.


Now I am an old man and my children all have grown.
Left my lovely wife and I here living on our own.
So I took another trip back home, where I saw in shock.
My sister’s tree was dead; another friend that I have lost.

Track Name: Last Pallet
Almost done, I’ve been working all day.
Don’t seem right to treat a man this way.
There’s a fiery pain crawling up my back.
As my calloused hands grab the final stack.

Oh yeah

At the end of the day, my job is almost done,
and I can finish this terrible run.
I got the day off tomorrow, no more pain,
‘til the boss calls me in to work again.

Oh Yeah